There is a clear return on investment for car dealers utilizing social media to its fullest. Our experts will analyze your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest profiles and determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This valuable report is FREE and is provided with no obligations.


Is your content style, quality, and frequency working?

Content is one of the primary keys of a successful and powerful social media presence. How does your dealership content stack up against your competition and other local businesses? Our team will take a look at the content that's currently being posted on your social media profiles and thoughtfully explain what's working and what isn't.

Are you using a strategy that will increase leads and sales?

Social media has a lot of moving parts. Each network is different. For example, Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm, the localized community, your current fans, and the flow of content all play a large role when it comes to getting your messages seen by your customers and potential customers. We'll check your current strategy and compare it to ours.

Are you making the most of social advertising?

Is your social profile having real conversations?

Social media is not a broadcasting venue. Those who do nothing but broadcast their message will find that very few locals are seeing it. On the other hand, utilizing social media as a communication venue allows for meaningful interactions with real people. Are you participating in automotive conversations or letting them happen without you?

Too few in the automotive industry are taking proper advantage of social advertising. The costs associated with reaching locals with your message are tiny compared to search marketing and pennies on the dollar compared to real world media such as television ads. Are you using social advertising? If so, are you maximizing the return?

“The differences between a social media presence that is delivering true return on investment and one that is going through the motions is often very subtle. It's the most challenging part about recognizing what's working and what's not. This ROI Analysis will break down the real returns and offer advice on how to build on it.”

JD Rucker
Director of Digital Marketing

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Are your business messages reaching hundreds...

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